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About the strip

THIS IS ME originally ran from June 2007 to November 2009. It is back as of March, 2013, aiming for a weekly update schedule.

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Before you get any odd ideas: THIS IS ME is not meant to be taken literally.

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About the author

Writing and drawing THIS IS ME could be a full-time job. Given that the author has an entirely different full-time job, he requests your understanding while he tries to get back to a rhythm which won't test your patience too much.

About Today's Strip

It's not a threat, it is a service.

The US government needs to see "Prism" as a missed marketing opportunity.

Drawing Notes

Long-time readers will notice that I have, at last, seen The Light: In a strip, funny is more important than artsy.

Eagle-eyed readers (heh) will notice some slight discrepancies between the official NSA logo and the one shown here. The EFF has their own, but I like mine better.

Site News (May 2, 2013)

After the publication of the last strip, three friends quietly told me that they had found the gag hard to understand. "The previous one was better" is a comment every creator loathes to hear.

Then I got an e-mail from the writer of Busybee Comics, politely pointing out that I had misplaced a balloon tip in the second panel. Now that was the criticism I needed. It's fixed now, making the strip to be 200% funnier now. All this thanks to Busybee Comics.

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