First Published: November 28, 2007

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Reality Strikes Back

When I started THIS IS ME, I only told a select few friends about the strip. I knew I was bound to reveal some embarrassingly private things which I wouldn't mind sharing with perfect strangers – but friends and co-workers are a different matter.

As I kept drawing into a vacuum, my need for immediate feedback grew, so I told more people about the strip. The reaction has been... interesting at times.

For the record: My wife has veto rights for all strips where I reveal something personal about her. Andrew... not so much.

Drawing Notes

Since there are bound to be questions: The last panel is not supposed to portray anybody in particular. And the actual request was phrased much more politely.

For complex hand positions, I have a small mirror standing on my drawing table. This wasn't enough for the current strip, so I had my wife take photos of me standing in the room, holding a cardboard roughly the original size of the strip.

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