First Published: May 5, 2008

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Music & Me Part 2: Adamski

Everybody knows at least one of Adamski's works: Killer, the song which introduced Sealhenry Olumide Samuel to the world, that's "Seal" to you. The bassline has become so iconic that George Michael laid it under his live cover version of "Papa Was A Loving Stone".

My appreciation for Adam Tinley's music started sometime in 1993 when I picked up his third album ("Naughty") in the bargain bin. It is one of these marvelous albums which is far more than the sum of their songs. The single "Get Your Body" featured Nina Hagen on vocals.

When I finally tracked down a copy of his previous album ("Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy"), it was a fiendishly expensive Japanese import. It was worth the money spent, but doesn't hold up as well as his later works.

His fourth and to date final album came out in 1998 ("Adamski's Thing"). It exceeded all my expectations even though Adamski moved into the area of guitar-fuelled rock which is usually not my favorite.

That album is the last broadly available CD he has released to date. Sometime after 2000, he changed his stage name to "Adam Sky". He's mostly been DJ-ing ever since.

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Drawing Notes

I couldn't manage to find a single photograph of Adam Tinley where he had his mouth open. In fact, I scanned through three videos and he kept his lips together the whole time.

So the drawn versions of Mr. Tinley reflect that fact. The last panel is an abstraction of a photograph which can be found on his Discogs artist page.

Nothing in these panels has been traced. Drawing this strip took approximately six hours.

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