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Archived News for August 1, 2007

Contest A Raging Success!

The first contest was a rousing success. Well, not really. Seven people sent me e-mail. One complained about my definition of "personal poking". One complained about female stereotypes which turned out to be all inside her own head (check out the strip in question).

The first prize goes to a gentleman who reads about 600 comics (ulp!), the second prize to a lady who had only read a couple of comics so far (New Readers: there's a whole archive of strips online!). The third prize was claimed by a lady who considers my strip "cute", harrumph.

Fixed an embarrassing typo in the strip for July 20, 2007 after one reader pointed out a typo in the July 30, 2007 strip. Typos are always embarrassing. Which brings me to another contest, open until forever: The first person to e-mail me about a legitimate typo in any of my strips will get access to an exclusive TIM desktop wallpaper. Not available anywhere else! Not sold in stores! One per customer. May injure small children when used improperly.

Since I haven't actually drawn this wallpaper yet, it will be made available once it's done. Right now I'm busy with new strips and the sketches for the Lucky Winners™. The first prize winner wants me to draw him instead of one of the characters from the strip, which is a major headache. But since he was the first to write, I figure I owe him...

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