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Archived News for August 27, 2007

Breaking Character

Note: The first two paragraphs refer to the strip from August 27, 2007.

If this is the first time you visit this humble attempt at a comic strip, please let me assure it usually doesn't look quite like that. Actually, today it looks much fancier than it usually does. Color is reserved for special occasions and this is one of them.

If you've just joined us, you can either start at the beginning or you can start with the beginning of the current storyline. Of course, "storyline" is a grandiose way of saying that this strip follows two previous strips and that there are two more strips to follow this one before I actually get to something resembling a punch line. This is not going to be one of those continuity-laden monsters of a strip.

Contest Sketch News: It took me another two weeks, but I finally summoned up the energy to finish the last sketch for the contest (which happened a month ago, ouch). First prize winner R. really made me sweat for his drawing. I'm not good at portraying people from a rough description, so I did my level best and hope he will not hire a voodoo priest to make my head catch fire.

Now that the last sketch is finally done, there is nothing to keep me from mailing the lot of them out to all the winners. Nothing except for the fact that this week is completely swamped with work. I hope to find the time to drop by the post office on Tuesday, though. I've kept you "lucky" winners waiting for way too long, anyway. I apologize sincerely.

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