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Archived News for September 10, 2007

Posting by Proxy

For the past week, the strips have been posted by a robot. Actually, a good friend found it in his heart to take care of the publication while I'm... well, traveling. Away from my keyboard. Didn't even take a laptop with me.

So I want to thank S. for his kind help. If something went wrong during the past week, it was my fault because I failed to script this site properly. If everything went fine, I want commend him for it. Yay for S.!

If you don't see updated site news on Friday, the 14th, that'll mean that I have been driven off a cliff by a mad Spaniard or killed in some other way. In this case, it was nice meeting you all and I'll see you in the foyer to the afterlife. If I do manage to post current site news on Friday, it means that SPECTRE's assassination attempts have failed.

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