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Archived News for September 26, 2007

Save by Spending

I don't mean to shill for somebody else but as a self-acknowledged music addict I thought I couldn't keep quiet about this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity. (Sheesh, and alreday I sound like e-mail spam.) Disclaimer: I have no commercial interest in the success of the website I'm about to mention.

The website AnywhereCD is closing its doors after September 30, 2007. Sad thing, but with a significant benefit: They have lowered the prices for all their MP3/CD offers to 7 US-$ per album.

AnywhereCD offers an interesting service: Instead of purchasing audio tracks with restricted usage [*] possibilities, you buy a MP3/CD package. The MP3s you can download and listen to immediately. The CD you get in the mail. The best of two worlds: Instant gratification, but also the CD with liner notes and everything. The company was founded by Michael Robertson (the man behind and is legit.

Needless to say, the service is being discontinued. It may be what customers want, but the music industry apparently doesn't. From its launch in April, the service has been embroiled in a legal battle with Warner Music, the only major label which initially supported AnywhereCD. In June, the lawsuit ended in a settlement which means Warner Music will pull its entire catalogue by September 30, effectively forcing AnywhereCD out of business. Yay for free enterprise.

I can heartily recommend the following albums from their selection, since I own them:

Of course, the "Rock" Category has a lot of stuff, too... including essential albums by INXS, Moby, Prince, Talking Heads, Tom Tom ClubYes and ZZ Top, among many many others. But I don't mean to bore you with an endless list.

As luck would have it: As I am currently not an US resident, I can't take advantage of the 7 US-$ offer. 

(Stuff I'd buy if I could:

[*] (What does "restricted usage" mean? For instance, Itunes purchases will work only on an Ipod, but not on a Creative Zen MP3 player. Conversely, Rhapsody purchases will play on a Creative Zen Player, but will not work on an Ipod. It's like buying a Sony CD player which will only play CDs made by Sony.)

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