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Archived News for November 30, 2007

Broadening The Scope

There have been a number of strips about music at THIS IS ME. Today's strip is the first one about a specific artist. It marks the beginning of a new section on the site: Music & Me. The first entry is, naturally, about Thomas Dolby – or rather, what his music means to me.

The strip lead to a whole new section on this site where I could write, at length, about a few select artists. Starting with Mr. Dolby. After decades of reading music magazines, I ended up coming to the conclusion that it is nigh-impossible to describe in words how music sounds. Then I wondered whether it would be easier to describe how music makes me feel. Hence, this experiment. Be sure to tell me if you like it or not.

Speaking of overhauls: If you haven't checked out the "About" page for a while – it's recently been updated with a new section describing the current cast, as it were.

From the mailbag (which actually is more of a mail pouch, or actually a really slim envelope containing one and a half e-mails): "Nice to see Andrew again, and to get some more information on the Confederate-drag angle ... does your friend really use the word 'levitical' in conversation?" Yes, he does.

Write And Ye Shall Receive

While I'm on the topic of e-mail... US Americans who sent me e-mail before Thanksgiving got a tiny bonus on Thursday. I'm considering doing something similar for Christmas, without the limitation to US citizens.

I'm a bittle worn-out from begging for reader mail, so I'll phrase it differently this time: If *you* don't send me e-mail, *I* won't be able to send you anything for Christmas. So there.

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