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Archived News for December 31, 2007

Year in Review

2008 will bring a lot of new things to THIS IS ME. I hope I won't destroy the comic's essence by doing this, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I've spent some time pondering whether to do Christmas and New Year's strips on THIS IS ME. In the end, I decided against it because every other webcomic seems to be doing it. This year, even Sinfest became festive [caution: one-finger salute]. So... no holiday strips, even after setting a bad precedent for Halloween.

The three registered fans of this comic have received a Christmas card via e-mail, so I doubt they'll complain. One posted a scaled-down version on her blog. I'm just telling you this so people who didn't send me an e-mail can guess what they're missing. The original card is bigger and much cleaner. It is also full of stars.

In other news: I recently took a look at the website statistics and found that seeing the actual number of readers depresses me even more than when I fret about what these numbers may be. Oh well. I can't afford to advertise and can't find the time to go out and ask other web cartoonists to mention my strip in their news section (the one attempt I made ended up being such an embarrassement that it broke my spirit). So, for the time being it's up to my readers to spread the word.

Sometime early in the new year, I hope to put up a real big news post about reader reactions so far. The few people who are reading this strip have been amazingly nice and encouraging, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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