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Archived News for February 1, 2008

Reader Feedback

Approaching 00So here we are, gradually closing in on strip 100... three more comics to go until I hit another landmark.

Reaction to Monday's and Wednesday's strips was surprisingly strong. Meaning: Two new readers rose their heads! Thanks for writing in and letting me know you're out there.

So far, nobody has managed to guess the nature of the spaceships displayed in the second panel of Monday's strip. So far, three readers have sent in guesses/demands for a solution:

New reader Matthew was first: "Those have got to be from Battle Beyond the Stars." Nope, please try again. For the rest of you, here's an IMDb link to "Battle Beyond The Stars" [caution: Roger Corman].

Martin: "I wanted to ask you for the answer to your spaceship question. Always a sucker for scifi I
went through all of Starship Dimensions but couldn't find anything similar." That isn't even a guess! It just means that Starship Dimensions is far from being complete. I checked the site and it doesn't list Klaatu's saucer, for instance.

Marion: "Too bad I can never remember what belongs to which series... no idea then. Babylon 5?" No ma'am. Sorry.

Andrew recognized the ships at once, of course. As different as we may be, we remain united in our memories of arcane scifi. So the challenge remains open: If you can guess where these ships are from, you get a prize.

For Wednesday's strip, the first reaction I got was from a colleague: "Shouldn't that one have featured another 'Punch Line Missing' panel at the end?" Peter will be sorely missed; the funeral service is scheduled for next Thursday.

Joseph, a new reader, wrote in: "I didn't get the joke in the third panel... which means that I am well adjusted and that you like me, but you went ahead and told me that there was a joke... then you worsened it by saying don't look it up.

"Sigh... I'm a curious creature... so I looked it up. Now I am no longer well adjusted and you don't like me anymore. *sniffles*"

Of course I still like you. I like all of my readers. But I will have to make a point of liking you a little less than the readers who remain oblivious to the punch line.

Martin again: "Despite its gross reference, today's comic made me laugh. This is mainly to the fact that me as well as my wife are both night people (as in 4am night people) – but one always has to get up for the kids and keep smiling."

Martin, by the way, has previously tried to sell me on the joys of having children.

Have you also been traumatized by looking up a reference which I explicitly asked you not to research? Have you been able to stand fast against your curiosity? Send me an e-mail: <me AT thisisme-comic DOT com>

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