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Archived News for February 8, 2008

After the game

100 StripsHere you have it: Strip 100, breaking entirely with the format.

I never spent so much time preparing and drawing a single panel, but it was totally worth it.

A heartfelt word of thanks to all the people who wrote in to congratulate or castigate me. A few of the reactions so far, ranging from reluctant approval to strong disappointment:

"First you create an iPhone icon, then you stop the strip? And I had just gotten used to reading it."

"You deserve the break."

"Don't burn your bridges, okay?"

"Cool. If only politicians spoke that plain and simple and then stuck to it!"

"Good for you for not wringing out one extra for the stereotypical neat-and-tidy end-of-the-week ending, I suppose, but still. Wow."

"That's funny! For a second I thought you were serious. You were just joking right? Like Haha? Sniff Funny? sniffle Joke? eyes water"

"clap clap clap Well played, Mr. Moriarty! You are a master of endings."

"Just wanted to say thanks for doing the strip as long as you did.  It didn't change my life or anything, but it did bring a smile to my face on a regular basis."

"Your art was great."

"99??? LOL ok, I see."

Thanks for writing in, everybody!

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