First Published: October 8, 2009

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Beansprout Returns, Part 3

Part three, with two to go. (The series starts here.)

If you are asking yourself: "Who's that little guy in the foreground?" you might find enlightenment here.

A friend of mine occasionally uses Yoda grammar. I tried to get him to discourage him from doing that by calling him a yodiot. It didn't work. Eventually, the prequels soured him enough on all things Star Wars to make him stop.

Drawing Notes

This strip became a challenge in mostly unexpected ways.

By now, I have gotten the hang of squeezing three characters into one of these narrow panels. Getting Beansprout to look a bit yodaish was tricky, but not impossible.

The actual challenge turned out to be the thought balloon in the last panel. I must have reworded it a dozen times. Finally I decided on I the most blunt and succinct option. Then, just before publishing, I changed it again – to almost, but not quite, the original wording.

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