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Archived News for November 1, 2007

Back On The Wagon

This week wasn't as bad as the previous one. As I write this, Monday's strip is already "in the bag", so to speak.

In other news which will interest no-one, yesterday I received a new batch of drawing supplies. I have gotten accustomed rather heavily to certain tools and when pens start running out of ink, I usually scramble for replacements much, much too late. It doesn't help when the manufacturer discontinues your favorite product, which happens to every artist at some point.

The latest products to join the endangered list are Koh-i-Noor's Nexus pens and Letraset's grey Tria Illustrator marker. The manufacturers websites no longer have any information on them, so you'll have to take my word for it:

Both pens have become fixed parts of my drawing routine. Of course, one should never overestimate the value of an established routine. Drawing tools are just that, tools. Better tools don't automatically enable you to draw better. Also, both pens had considerable weaknesses: After an airplane trip, they both leaked ink. The Illustrator was particularly bad, suddenly soaking the paper with a big blot of ink. This has made me switch to a Copic (W3) for now, which yet has to take a flight with me.

The Nexus would also leak after a flight, but that was nothing a napkin couldn't cure. Annoyingly, the soft plastic seal kept getting stuck to the tip. In spite of these faults, I was unable to find a viable alternative, so I decided to stockpile on those. If you notice a suddenly global scarcity of black Nexus pens – well, that's probably my fault.

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