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Archived News for October 26, 2007

My Week Of Disasters

The past days could be called the "Week Of Disasters" – and I am not referring to the New Orleans floods or the fires in South California. This week the strip started with an abortion, continued with a suicide attempt and today's entry even considers divorce.

At this point, THIS IS ME strips are being produced rather close to their publication. My six week buffer has shrunk down to less than a day. This is a state I dislike intensely and which I hope to remediate soon. What happened? Well, first the vacation in Andalusia, then a paying side project came along (yay for paying work!)... all of this came together and kept me from continuing with the strips.

You shouldn't have noticed it, but there was a pause of more than a month between when I drew strip 51 and 52. Getting back into a steady schedule is being hard, with a full-time job "on the side" and all.

Whine whine. Okay, shutting up now, returning to work.

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