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Archived News for April 9, 2008

Computer Week Is Over

Computer week is over. It consisted of three strips (Does Not Compute, System Messages and Bliss) and was received quite well, to my great surprise. The second strip was linked to by a friend's bilingual blog which mainly focuses on mobile devices and Lotus Notes. Thanks, Vowe!

Over four hundred readers came in from that site over the course of two days, making a big impression on my site statistics. Yes, I peeked. I hadn't been looking at my visitor numbers for about four months. There seem to be about two recurring hundred readers, not just three. If I were to compare this to a webcomics juggernaut like Player vs Player, I'd have to start weeping openly.

Most readers liked the computer jokes. Those who didn't, didn't write in. There is a big temptation to continue doing computer humor, but that terrain has been stripmined by so many other webcomics that it feels superfluous to go there. My strip may not be much, but at least it is not derivative. (Okay, maybe a little.)

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