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Archived News for April 24, 2008

Apologies For The Delay

Yes, I'm painfully aware that today is not Wednesday, but Thursday. However, the top of the main page specifically states: "Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays." I wish I had a good excuse. But actually I don't.

In fact, the thing that kept me from posting a strip yesterday was a computer game, of all things. Other people finish playing "Portal" with a sense of elation, I have to publicly apologize for it.

"Portal" is a rather fun game and rather involving. I've never before played a 3D shooter like this. There aren't any monsters or people to kill, the sole aim is to get ahead. The environment becomes increasingly hostile, yet the player's only weapon is utterly incapable of destruction. The main focus is not to empty rounds of ammo into twitching corpses, but to engage your brain to solve puzzles and develop a certain dexterity with the one tool you've been given.

I'd go on, but (a) this isn't that kind of website, (b) others have described "Portal" far better and worse than I ever could and (c) this isn't meant to be an infomercial. Can't wait for Uwe Boll turning this one into a movie, though.

So, once more: I wasted the time I should have been drawing the strip on a game with a firmly pre-determined outcome. I apologize. Friday's strip may be a bit late as well.

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