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Archived News for February 9, 2009

Left Turn Ahead

turn leftThis is not the usual begging for e-mail, this one is a little bit different. For one thing, you can win something.

The strip is going to experience a scheduled left turn. This involves a few things I don't plan to make public for the time being – but I'd like to share them with the site's regular readers. However, due to a snafu around the time of The Move, all of the e-mail readers sent me up to November 2008 disappeared from my inbox. (The cause was a software bug, not user error, which makes the matter no less infuriating.)

This e-mishap puts a wrench into my plans of sending a direct message to my regular readers since I now lack many of their e-mail addresses. So if you are a reader and you wish to receive a minor message from me in which I will tell you about further developments with the strip, please send an e-mail to <me AT thisisme-comic DOT com> by Wednesday (that's February 11, 2009) or Friday the 13th at the latest.

The tenth person to write me gets a sketch mailed to her/him, divulging part of the secret. The drawing is already done, meaning that I'll be able to send it out as soon as I receive a mailing address. Watch this space for how many e-mails I have received so far. (If I don't get ten e-mails, I might jump out of a ground-floor window or tear up the drawing.)

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