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Archived News for February 13, 2009

Reader Apathy

200 stripsToday's certainly a day to celebrate. On Friday, the 13th of February, This Is Me has hit strip 200 – that's not counting the sketches and occasional holiday strips.

It's also the date of deep disappointment. On Monday 9th, I launched a little competition for a drawing I'd already completed. The tenth reader to mail me was to receive the prize. Seven readers mailed me. This leaves me no option but to go through with my threat of tearing up the drawing. Check back next Wednesday for photos of the event. I may even tear it up and burn it. Looks more thorough that way.

I know there are more than ten readers out there. Apparently, only seven could be bothered to type an e-mail address into their mail clients, six of which had written me before. What a disappointment. The seven who did write in will get a little e-mail over the weekend, outlining some of the things in store for the strip in the near future.

For everybody else, This Is Me now has a Twitter feed. Yes, really.

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